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Discovering what might be on of the most significant caves in the desert southwest, let alone in the united states has been one of the most amazing experiences That I got to share with a group of cavers.  Crystals that are potentially the largest on the planet were found within the depths of King Solomon's cave. A new formation we call "Scabbards" were also found to be left over castings of large selenite  swords lay on calcite table tops, crystal chandeliers, borehole passage, formation room, and a crystal highway large enough to enter from below was discovered. Furthermore, the discovery of a torch and pottery was also among the discoveries within King Solomon's cave. Throughout the discovery, survey, photography, and the plan for a protection placement, the cave was unfortunately poisoned with betrayal from a individual that we all trusted. This action has led to controversy and deception as well as honor and trust to be eroded away.  The story will be told and the world will soon understand why King Solomon's cave is one of the great significant caves of the United States. 

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