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Sistema Huautla is one of the worlds most sought after cave systems, holding strong as the 8th deepest cave system in the world. This system is at the forefront of cave exploration with some of the worlds best cave explorers and scientists seeking to push deeper into the cave with no end in site. Diving and dome climbing have all rendered more going passage and continue to make this system one of the most interesting and beautiful caves to visit in the world.  The 46.9 miles of surveyed passage that Sistema Huautla has given up to the dedicated explorers who venture into the depths is currently the deepest cave in the Western Hemisphere weighing in at around 5169ft. of total vertical extent! Sistema Huautla also has a network of over 20 connected entrances with more added every year as ridge walks and proximity caves are located and connected with survey technology.  For decades now, top tier exploration organizations have been pushing and mapping this remote limestone system that is nestled in the mountains of Mexico in the state of Oaxaca and in the towns of Huautla, San Andres, and Plan Carlota surrounded by the Sierra Mazateca.

Previous explorations of Sistema Huautla have successfully pushed thousands of feet into the cave where cavers have spent week inside the system climbing and diving new leads with the anticipation to go deeper and push the cave to its end. here are a few stories that document those previous explorations.
Published in the August 2016 NSS News.
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