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Cave camping and objective oriented caving is at the forefront in the deepest cave of the western hemisphere. Long days and work equates to a deeper meaning with expedition caving.  Connecting two caves together was at the forefront of this project when plans fell through on the original objective.  The TAG shaft is one of the largest rooms in the subterranean underworld of Huautla and we started our journey to connect Nita N'Tau with Camp 2 in La Grieta with only 600 more feet to go. Adding this system will put another mile on sistema Huautla and add the tallest room yet in all of Sistems Huautla, the TAG shaft.

Previous explorations of Sistema Huautla have successfully pushed thousands of feet into the cave where cavers have spent week inside the system climbing and diving new leads with the anticipation to go deeper and push the cave to its end. here are a few stories that document those previous explorations.
Published in the December 2017 NSS news.
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