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Thank you for all of your help.

This page is dedicated to all of the people that have helped me take incredible photos from modeling on the landscapes to hauling camera equipment, and offer feedback for improvement.  I am so grateful to have the help that I have been given and I hope you can continue to enjoy the images that have been captured as a result of your hard work and belief.  Thank you

Heather Sabatello, April haydock, Andy Orr, Bill Steele, Bill Stone, Chris Parks, Phill Goldman, Kevin Romanack, Justin thompson, Molly Goldman, Dorian Goldman, MIke Green, Daniel Martin, Walter Stech, Brian Hunsaker, Lee White, Josh Schultz, Steve Davis, Troy Fuqua, Melissa Fitzpatrick, Chris Higgins, Jason Lavender, Troy Fuqua, Carlos Artiguez, Jeff Kruse, Julie Dutil, Bill Christy, Tom Madsen, Francesco Sauro, Daniela Babari, Steve Frye, Ron Davis, Joey, Elliot Shahl, Jitka Hanakova, Tim Curtis, Janice Curtis, Pat Mudd, Robbie Jones, John Seis, Tom Miller, Chris Anderson, Brandon Karl, Laura Sangaila, Leo Quartulo, Ellery, Bill Greenwald, Colin Gatland, Tammy Otten, Joe Vasko, Rodney Mulder, Amy Morton,  Gina Schaffer, Ken Penguin, Tom Campbell,  Derek Rainier, Ron Davis, Peter hartley, Fernando Hernandez, Andy Armstrong, Bonny Armstrong, Joe Kinder, Noboru Sakabe, Guiumme, Gustavo Quesada, Scott Trescott, Barton Bridge, Josh Hydeman, Danyelle Cotrell, Tymme Laun, Dave Everton, Laura Demerest, R.I.P. Tim Mclain

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