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Cueva de la Pena Colorada is a remote multi-kilometer cave system comprised of dry and
submerged cave passages deep in the rugged mountainous region of the high Sierra Mazateca, in Mexico.

The objective of this expedition was to continue the exploration of the submerged passages beyond sump 7
which heads directly to the deepest cave in the western hemisphere, Sistema Huautla. A connection between
these two caves would make Sistema Huautla one of the deepest caves in the world!
To meet the demanding expedition objectives, a team of physically fit and highly qualified cavers were selected
whom had the ability to climb, rig for SRT, be certified cave divers, have survey and mapping experience,
and the ability to camp in the cave for multiple days while maintaining a high level of physical and mental agility.

Impressive amounts of specialized gear and resources were hauled down almost three thousand feet of
steep jungle terrain and through poisonous snake occupied canyon just to gain access to the cave entrance.
The team traversed through kilometers of dry and submerged passages while carrying heavy loads of equipment
inside the hot and humid cave to reach sump 7, the point where the last expedition stopped in 1984. 

 Cueva de la Pena Colorada provides challenges so unique that the idea of civilian use recreational rebreathers
was influenced by the attempts made on the last expedition in 1984.  Under the leadership of Bill Stone,
Over 200 participants including locals, the Mexican military, and teams of experienced cavers that were
up for the task of diving and surveying this cave, mapped Cueva De La Pena Colorada to 7.8 kilometers with
1.4 kilometers underwater. The team stopped at a point 55 meters underwater beyond sump 7, this is where our
frontier exploration starts.

Now, 34 years later a team of 30 elite cavers capable of deep cave exploration above and below water
achieved a push back to sump 7 to continue the exploration of cueva de la Pena colorada.

No doubt, this is the most committing and demanding dive expedition in modern day history
and one of the most remote exploratory dive frontiers on the planet that come with a high reward
for a connection into the deepest cave in the Western Hemisphere, sistema Huautla!


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