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For the past several decades, cave explorers have been seeking to understand what

 lies beyond el Nacimiento Del Rio Uluapan, one of the most impressive resurgences in

Mexico. Cave exploration in Mexico has brought numerous discoveries from significant

ancient artifacts to the discovery of deep cave systems, some reaching

depths thousands of feet under the arduous jungle terrain of the Sierra Mazateca.

The commanding and unyielding limestone mountains of the Cerro Rabon Plateau

demand an unforgiving commitment to exploration within the world of caving and

 cave diving. The Rio Uluapan was no exception as the relentless reputation of

the Cerro Rabon continued to challenge the limits of modern day exploration,

yet a team of cave divers prepared for deep diving, rope access, 

and dry caving operations, pushed beyond Sump 1 and Sump 2.

What the team found beyond Sump 1 might be one of the most significant

discoveries in modern day history.

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