These images I present to you are not from any interest of mine to just see them through my camera but rather they are the places in the world that I find to be the most fascinating.  I use to arm myself with the waterproof throw away Walgreen’s camera when I started taking pictures which was like using the guess and hope strategy, like in college discrete mathematics and yet, even though that might have been a very shaky foundation to build calculated risk, I am grateful that I have been able to continuously progress by the evolution of technology and the pursuit of a quality shot.

        Not only do I find the wilderness above and below the ground to be fascinating, but I find water to be quite awesome! It is important to understand our bodies of water and how it persuades our environment around us especially as it tangos within the rock below our feet. Water has the gift to artistically carve, forge, and sculpt some of the most beautiful geological features that we have ever seen on our planet.

                 For everyone reading this random blabbering of mostly grammatically correct rhetoric,  I challenge you to take a step further, I challenge you to question yourself and what you do and ask yourself what your real purpose is.  I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and push your limits a little.  Quit starring at what people are doing on Facebook, get off the computer, get outside and,...go, It’s a beautiful world out there.   make some friends along the way; the people are fantastic out there.  Challenge yourself every day to go further and when you think you have gone far enough, go even further. The journey’s you take and the people you will meet will be the most memorable. You will be amazed when you leave your comforts and wander a bit, even at the point when you are looking for nothing, you can find exactly what you are looking for, but don’t stop there...keep going further, and than keep going EVEN FURTHER



A PMI-PMP Certified Project Manager by design and explorer by nature, I have an insatiable desire to venture deeper into the most exotic destinations that are less traveled and manage projects and programs that go further into the most remote places on the planet.  success is defined by measuring progress with the knowledge and experiences that have been shared with the great and like-minded project team members to seek and explain the inexplicable.  That being said, I find self-interests align with the geological, hydro logical, biological, and anthropological scopes that other project managers have executed in the pursuit to understand our planet and our human existence.  Furthermore, academic achievements beyond these roles include dozens of professional article publications, book chapters, and other publications. Presentations, interviews to various media outlets, and serving as a speaker for many educational and community conferences and events has also been a passion.  I am of the thought that someone cannot discover new oceans unless they can harvest the courage to lose site of the shore.  People have said to me in the past that everything has already been discovered, I like to follow up with, "but what did they overlook"?

Life is like Photography:

"focus on whats important, capture the good times, develop from the

negatives and if it doesnt work out, take another shot."

Photo By Chris Higgins